Forgive Me


Please Forgive me for my pain and misunderstandings, touch my heart once again.
Please accept this as the love from the one who smiles at you when there is nothing there but unmistakable beauty. 
Please know that you are and will all ways be the one and only for better and for worse, for richer and poorer, in sickness and in health till death do us part.

Forgiveness Frees not only the one who has been Wronged  but it Frees You, Live Free!! 

I long to see your handsome warm face as it melts my heart ever so slowly. Just to hear your charming laughter becoming part of my soulThere may be times when I can stand alone, but for certain I’m going to need your strength to carry me on. Somehow, in my life, I find myself in need of your hands so strongSomewhere in my heart, I know that this need can only be fulfilled by your words never to steer me wrong. God has given me the example of how great he is through his creation
Here on the earth, you are the perfect revelation Taking each day to remember, how I can carry on.  Someday, I hope to be able to stand strong, along your side, understanding your ambitions being so true.  Without reservation, knowing how very much,  I Need You.

Live Out Loud


Desires are to be authentic in your behavior and in your relationships that you have developed over the years. Your intentions are to be true first to you and then to those who are to come, they will embrace the newness of you.

Living Out Loud is indeed work however love can enter, it is indeed quite possibly painful but trust will build. There is the uncertainty of tomorrow’s day but when tomorrow comes, shine never the less. Expect the rays of the sun to shine upon you and whoever comes to you for a little peace remember to live life as if it is the last day of your life. Loving another and enjoying each smile that someone else gives will allow peace to enter with a little more understanding and patience for yourself.

Living your dreams, your passions and your wishes will come and they will go but never allow anyone to steal them from you for they will only be possessed and brought to life, by you and you alone. Conquer your fears and relinquish your doubt for life because it’s only offered to you, and if you have not expressed some of who you are then you are none of who you think you have become.

Live life wisely and with the knowledge that has been given to you. Share what has been entrusted to you and heal another’s heart of pain. We are caretakers of all who are alive and we are to take another in our heart and protect them for another days war.

Transforming for You


A Transformation Life Agent is someone who can take you from where you are to where you want to go in life, because the answer only lies in you, but how will you get there and how will you proceed after the keys have been unlocked?

What is the first thing you would change about yourself?

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